Austin Segway Tours

Take an Austin Segway Tour with Segway Nation! We offer 6 Austin Segway tours daily.
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Austin Segway Tour Information:

An Austin Segway Tour is the perfect way to explore the capitol of Texas. Our Austin Segway tours are offered 6 times daily. Segway past the Texas State Capital building, the famous Driskill Hotel, Austin's Moonlight Towers, scenic Lady Bird Lake, the world famous 6th Street live music area, and the Warehouse District. Tours are offered 7 days a week. Call 512-663-9634 to book your Segway tour now!

Austin Segway Tour Schedule:

9AM:          Executive Segway Tour                  2.5 Hours    $59
Noon:         Ride It Segway Tour                       1.5 Hours    $49
2PM:          Ride It Segway Tour                       1.5 Hours    $49
4PM:          Fun Run Segway Tour                    1 Hour         $39
5:30PM:     Fun Run Segway Tour                    1 Hour         $39
7PM:          Ghost and Bat SegwayTour            2 Hours       $69

Executive Segway Tour:   9AM Daily       -$59

Austin Segway Tour's 2.5 hour "Executive" tour of Austin is our most popular tour. This Segway tour is designed to be a fun, entertaining and very informative tour of the capitol of Texas. We explore Austin’s very historic past, rocking present, and bright future including many historic landmarks throughout the downtown area.

Highlights: Approximately 2.5 hour Segway tour
• Segway Tour of Texas State Capitol Building • Congress Avenue • Famous Driskill Hotel 
• Warehouse District • Austin's new 2nd Street District • Scenic Lady Bird Lake 
• Austin's Convention Center • World Famous Live Music District - 6th Street
• The Texas Walk of Fame • Many other great attractions

Ride-It Segway Tour:   Noon and 2PM Daily       -$49

Austin Segway Tour's 1.5 hour "Ride-It" Segway tour is offered twice each day. This Segway tour explores downtown Austin, and Lady Bird Lake. This Segway tour offers a lot of time to ride and play on the Segways, while also getting some fun facts about Austin and great historical stories.

Highlights: Approximately 1.5 hours
• Segway Tour of Texas State Capitol Building • Segway Congress Avenue • Driskill Hotel
• Warehouse District and 2nd Street District • Scenic Lady Bird Lake - Formerly Town Lake
• Many other attractions and landmarks

Fun-Run Segway Tour:   4PM and 5:30PM Daily       -$39

Austin Segway Tour's 1 hour "Fun-Run" Segway tour is offered twice daily. This Segway tour explores the Texas Capitol Building and parts of downtown Austin. This tour is geared more towards the sightseeing, photo taking, and Segway riding time, rather than the history of Austin.

Highlights: Approximately 1 hour
• Glide around Austin's downtown • Segway around the Texas State Capitol Building • Driskill Hotel
• Cruise down 6th Street • More great historic sites • Plenty of time to play on your Segway, plus fun facts and time for great photos

Haunted Bat and Ghost Tour:   7PM Daily       -$69

Segway Nation's 2.5 hour "Haunted Bat and Ghost" Segway tour is offered once daily. This Segway tour is designed to be a fun nighttime Segway adventure. We visit some of Austin's most haunted downtown buildings, get some great history about other famous landmarks and also visit the Congress Avenue bat bridge with over 2 million bats.
Highlights: World’s largest urban bat colony!
• Segway Tour of Texas State Capitol Building • Haunted Driskill Hotel • Haunted Speakeasy  • The Governor's Mansion 
• Lady Bird Lake for bat watching mid-March to late-September  • Famous 6th Street Live Music District
• Austin’s Moonlight Towers • Many other great historic and haunted sites

Location: 1108 Lavaca Street, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78701.
PH: 512-663-9634

Driving Directions:

Austin Segway Tours is conveniently one block west of the Texas State Capitol Building in downtown Austin. Our store front faces 12th street, and is located between Lavaca Street and Guadalupe Street in downtown Austin. From the north, please take 15th street and turn south on Guadalupe, then turn left on 12th. From the south, please take 11th street and turn north on Lavaca, then turn left on 12th street. The largest landmark near us in the Texas State Capitol Building.


The easiest place to park for your Austin Segway tour is on 12th Street between Lavaca St and Guadalupe St, which is one block west of the Texas state capitol building. Please arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled Segway tour time and wear comfortable sneakers. Please no large back-packs or purses and dress appropriately. Parking in Austin, Texas is free on Sundays and after 6:00 PM the rest of the week.

Restrictions: Minimum age is 14 years old. Minimum weight requirement is 100 pounds. Maximum weight of 275 pounds. Pregnant guests please refrain from participating. Guests should be able to climb stairs without assistance and stand for at least 1 hour. Guests will receive group Segway training as well as individual training. Guests will be provided with a helmet and must fill out a liability waiver form. Riders under 18 must have a parent sign waiver and at least one parent or guardian be on tour with them.

Reservations are strongly recommended. Our reservations office is open from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM daily. To book a reservation please call us at: